Kicking off a new development or manufacturing project in pharma, is like sailing a ship on the ocean. We leave the harbour as partners for a long journey, not knowing what problems or dangers we will encounter, but always focused to our destination. During the trip, the ship can change direction – but cannot be stopped. And the better the crew is well-matched to each other, the better the problems can be avoided or solved and the sooner our destination can be reached.

We believe in building customer loyalty for the long term, as a lifetime value to the company, not the value of any single transaction. We look for synergy through partnership, relationships oriented towards long term win-win. By having ‘customer intimacy’ as strategic model, we combine detailed customer knowledge with operational flexibility, so we can respond quickly to almost any need, from customizing a product to fulfilling special requests.

This strategy creates a virtuous circle: the better we know our customer with its objectives and difficulties, the better we are able to provide an optimal solution. The more adapted our product or service is, the happier our partner will be, and the stronger the “intimacy”. This means more than just aiming for customer satisfaction. It goes beyond that and requires buy-in at every level of the organization to be successful. We aim to inspire and encourage our staff to deliver an outstanding experience at every point of contact with our customers. Everyone should recognize a customer’s lifetime value to the organization, the long term picture.