State-of-the-Art Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals and More

Purna Pharmaceuticals uses advanced equipment and 30+ years of expertise to efficiently produce top-quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices, tailoring to specific project needs and custom order processing requirements.

Contract manufacturing of liquids

For the production of liquids, we offer batch sizes ranging from 150L up to 1000L, 5000L and 10.000L.

Manufactured solutions, suspensions or emulsions can be filled into plastic or glass bottles (5 ml – 1000 ml), cans (1 – 25 l), IBC’s (1000L), aerosols (75 – 200 ml) and satchets.

Contract manufacturing of semi-solids

We produce semi-solids like creams and gels in batches from 20L to 2000L using uniform technology for easy up-scaling. Our temperature-controlled facility includes an explosion-proof suite for low-flash point mixtures.

We package products in tubes (3g – 300g), jars (5g – 1kg), buckets (5kg), and sachets (2g – 20g), and offer sterilization options for sterile products.