Purna Pharmaceuticals | Puurs, Belgium

Bridging the gap between research and product to market

Navigating regulatory mazes, scaling production, fostering innovation. Facing a myriad of challenges? Purna steps in as a strategic partner, offering expertise in regulatory compliance, seamless scaling, innovation-driven R&D, and broad market access. Together, we conquer hurdles, creating a brighter future for healthcare.


Our clients, including the top 10 biggest pharmaceutical & biotech businesses in the world, aspire to bring innovative drugs to market that address unmet patient needs and expand their reach globally. They seek a partner with a track record of developing groundbreaking products, enabling them to make a positive impact on healthcare and reach diverse patient populations.

Navigating Challenges &
Building Success

Navigating regulatory complexities, scaling manufacturing and managing costs challenge pharmaceutical companies striving for innovation and global presence.

Accessing new regions and overcoming distribution challenges hinder their mission to provide essential medicines to wider populations. Selecting the right partner and building enduring relationships also challenge pharmaceutical companies seeking growth.

Pressure to innovate, develop new drugs, and adhere to strict quality standards presents challenges for pharmaceutical companies.

Purna's Tailored Solutions for Success

Purna provides comprehensive regulatory expertise, end-to-end services, and tailored solutions. With over 30 years of experience, they ensure excellence in manufacturing and development.

Purna’s established industry presence allows them to export pharmaceutical products to NGOs and national authorities, ensuring wider accessibility.

Purna’s long-term partnership approach, aligned values, and commitment to excellence provide clients with a reliable partner that grows with them.

Purna provides streamlined services, regulatory expertise, and a commitment to quality, helping clients navigate development complexities.

Purna invests in research and development, offering innovation and R&D support. Their pipeline of high-value products and industry expertise empower clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Meet the team

Werken bij Purna in Puurs, dat is deel uitmaken van een hecht team van behulpzame collega’s dat samen werkt aan een betere toekomst.









About Purna

Purna is an independent Belgian company established in 1986, over the years, Purna has established a reputation for excellence and a global presence in the pharma industry, resulting in the status of preferred partner for most of the top-10 pharma multinationals. Purna’s agile and efficient operating model allows the company to successfully serve small start-ups with the same level of professional service that is afforded to our multinational phama customers.