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An innovative product that is a new type of medical device
Sterile gel; Biocompatible; Biodegradable; Analgesic; Haemostatic; Anti-bacterial; Stimulates cellular reconstruction.


Succinimid of chitosan hydrogel (chitosan 2%, acetic acid, succinic anhydride, sodium hydroxide, purified water); Free of any preservatives, additives, fragrance or allergens.
A unique formula protected by an international patent.


Burns of first and second degree; Superficial and deep wounds; Post-chirurgical scars; Plastic/restorative surgery; Post-circumcision; Oral surgery; Post-medical treatment (lasers, peeling, etc.); Ophthalmic ulceration; Annals cracks, chronic wounds (diabetics wounds, sickle cell anemia ulcers, sores).


Domestic & hospital woundcare.


Works on pain (instant relief as from application); Stops bleeding; Maintains the asepsis of the wound; Protects the wound through a protective porous biofilm which appears as soon as the Gel evaporates – natural plaster; Affects cellular reconstruction, making healing quicker, more effective and aesthetic; Minimizes scarring.

Kito-Kit® vs competitors

KITO-KIT®is a sterile product, while the other healing products are not sterile and should thus be applied only to superficial and minor wounds. The gel form of Kito-Kit appropriate than creams for deep wounds treatment. In addition to be a hydrogel (like numerous on the market), Kito-Kit® contains 2% of chitosan, which is a well known healing catalyst.
Can totally penetrate and infiltrate the wound. KITO-KIT® has real analgesic properties and is highly effective even on hopeless wounds. Strong clinical evidences.


MD class IIb, III (Europe) UK Notified Body SGS.